How We Survive

We Depend On Our Creator

Who We Are

This organisation is mainly supported by the little card and cassette shop run by Sunith Kumar, which hardly takes care of 10 percent expenses. The rest comes from friends and volunteers who drop in regularly with vegetables, fruits or even bags of rice.
Dutifully children’s over here with their talents and skills prepare handicrafts, decorative stuff like photo frames, key chains and get involved in many other extra curriculum activities to support their home. They also have the talent of editing videos, Photoshop and singing. All of them together run an audio shop where they sell cassettes, CDs, and books of different author both outsiders and theirs too. The most important fact is that there’s no foreign fund or any other financial support provided to this orpanisation. It is run by their own strain and struggle and with the generous gifts and kindness of individuals and organisations.
Being an indigenous, charitable organisation, Save a Child invites you to join the noble task of reshaping the broken lives.