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Sunith Kumar

Save a Child is an orphanage started in 1987 by M.SunithKumar. The orphanage is home to children who have no one to take care of them. There are children who are as young as two years old to those who are pursuing post-graduate studies. The college-going children were once abandoned and unwanted infants picked up by Sunith Kumar. Taken care of by him as God’s own children, the orphans are now bright students growing up in the love of God
            Some of the orphan children who had no hope whatsoever in life when they were practically picked up from the roads or handed over in a hopeless condition have also got settled in life – with jobs and also married.

                                       The founder, M Sunith Kumar, had a well-paying job before his heart started beating for destitute children. When he saw an infant abandoned on a pavement in Hyderabad, he responded like the Good Samaritan in the story Jesus Christ spoke about in the Bible. Sunith Kumar had no means of taking care of an unwanted child but he responded to the situation as his heart dictated. No sooner, he found himself in more such situations. He even came across some infants abandoned in garbage bins. With whatever little means he had he started an orphanage where now what was literally in garbage bins has been turned into shining gems. These children have also been running two Christian bookstores as a means to get some support for the orphanage. Though running the orphanage means huge expenditure, Sunith Kumar, with his faith in God, responds in just the same manner as he responded when for the first time he saw an abandoned child. He gives all the children equal love and care, at all times.

Making the differently abled stand on their feet