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As the days are passing by and as the children are grown, there’s an increase in need of financial support. The house in which we’re staying now is little congested and packed up. We’re now praying god to construct a separate house for the children to increase and expand their living conditions and to brighten up their atmosphere
An own building where all the children will have reasonably good accommodation is what is needed for the orphanage now. For the last several years, the children have adjusted living together in small rooms in rented premises. The number of children being added to the orphanage is increasing as Sunith Kumar does not believe in turning away any child who needs to be taken care. The figure has been growing every year and a pressing need is an own building. While a proper premise in the heart of the city is something that the children need, Sunith Kumar is also open to the idea of going slightly away from the city so that the children can get better accommodation with a play area.           
The most important fact is that there’s no foreign fund or any other financial support provided to this orpanisation.
We request all readers to keep above noted points in mind and extend your precious helping hands for these tiny tots and waiting souls.
“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”
Advantages of lending a helping hand to the orphanage.         
The first and foremost is the blessing of God. Secondly, the Government of India which has inspected the orphanage and having satisfied itself on the sound lines that it has been functioning has decided to allow it to get foreign contributions which get a tax benefit for the donor.